The Investment Knowledge of Samuel Oshana Pays Off

June 15, 2018
Throughout his career, Samuel Oshana has worked with some of the most iconic and important brokerage firms anywhere, such as Heartland Securities and JP Morgan. From those places and the people he worked with, he educated himself regarding the actual value of investment and how to best maximize investment returns for everyone. Because of his success, a lot f people have made money.

As Samuel Oshana has continued his investment journey, he has expanded his focus well beyond standard brokerage investment. These days, for example, he loans capital to individuals and small companies, and uses their real estate as collateral. That real estate has helped him expand the scope of his business and the scope of investments he can offer clients. Recently, Sam Oshana obtained a Florida real estate brokerage license, which has provided him the ability to widen his reach with investments in residential and commercial real estate in Florida. In Dade and Broward Counties, Sam recently has done very well by purchasing abandoned properties for a low price in "up-and-coming" neighborhoods, then fixing them up and selling them for a healthy profit.